I would like to thank the academy of… Liebster

liebster award

I’m not really the award winning type. Though I’ve had Sally Field visions of an acceptance speech that goes something like… “They like me. They really like me.”

In this case, it’s more “They really like my work,” and that’s exactly what I’ve been aiming for. So, yes, I accept this award and am humbled by your nomination, with a side of serendipity. Thank you!

The Liebster Award is an unofficial award that is passed through the blogging community from blogger to blogger– there is no overseeing authority, no prize money or anything official really: it’s pure blog (ger) love, which is pretty awesome.

 So, should you choose to accept my nomination, as I pay it forward, there are some protocols to follow:

 1. List 11 random facts about you.

2. Answer questions asked of you by the blogger who nominated you.

3. Nominate 11 other blogs for the Liebster Blog Award and link to their blogs.

4. Ask the award winners 11 questions to answer once they accept the award.

5. Notify the bloggers of their award.

So… here goes!!


Random Facts

1. I love to travel and my favorite places are Cape Cod and England– the only two places I’ve even been that I never want to leave. I get this sinking, pit-in-my-stomach feeling when I do.

2. The first story I ever wrote was called “Blinky: The Camera.” I wrote it at age 8 when I was people watching at a train station waiting for my parents to return from vacation. I still have the story.

3. I love looking at old pictures imagining the stories that go along w/ them

4. I don’t write as much as I want to.

5. I’m short and I hate it now more than I ever have.

6. I don’t like peas. They are the only vegetable I won’t eat.

7. Number 6 was the first random fact I wrote. That’s as random as it gets!

8. My favorite sense is scent. And my favorite scent is fresh air dried bed linens.

9. I LOVE reality TV. It’s my guilty pleasure. I think what I like about it is that it’s other people’s drama.

10. If I had a superpower, it would be to recall the people in my past lives and recognize them consciously in this one.


Answers to Nominator’s Questions

1. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is shower. I never feel awake until I do.

2. I write because it’s not a choice. It’s like breathing for me.

3. My favorite song at the moment is Just Give Me a Reason by PINK featuring Nate Ruess

4. BOTH Poetry and Prose. I go in phases between writing poetry and novel writing. I’ve tried writing a screenplay, but haven’t completed one, YET. I don’t like to write short fiction.

5. If I could have coffee with any person, dead or alive, famous or not, I would choose my grandmother because I miss her so much.

6. My favorite sports team is any team my kids play on. They have played/do play ice hockey and lacrosse. I’m a great fan of my children’s sports, not so much the professional ones.

7. My comfort food is without doubt pizza. I could eat it every day!

8. Vocation all the way. I’m a teacher and a writer– emphasis on the word AM.

9. I ONLY write in my native language; although, even that seems foreign to some, sometimes 😛

10. The last movie I saw was Safe Haven, and I loved it. I so didn’t see the end coming.

11. What inspires me? Everything. Hence the motif of my blog: Mirror Muses.


The Blogs I Nominate

Reel Club– because I love movies ALMOST as much as Kate

Sass & Balderdash – besides the amazing title of her blog, she’s relevant

12 Novels – a fellow writer and NaNoWriMo-er

Cristian Mihai– he’s honest and writes deep

Teacher Girl Blogs – because I can relate to her

The Write Frame of Mind – fellow writer whom I admire and his advice has been helpful

Classroom as Microcosm – she makes me think as a teacher, woman, and writer

My Write Side – I enjoy this writer’s work

Jennifer Brown, Writer – I can relate & she has some good writing tips, too

mypenandme– seems like a really cool person w/ unique perspectives

Ray Ferrer-Emotion on Canvas – visually stimulating


My Questions for the Nominees

1. What inspired you to begin blogging?

2. If you could choose any career in the world, what would it be and why?

3. Morning person or night owl?

4. How old were you when you began writing?

5. Identify any character in a novel you’ve read that you’d like to meet.

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

7. What is the most interesting place you’ve even been?

8. What is your preferred writing genre?

9. What film would you recommend your worst enemy to see?

10. What do you NOT want the world to know about you?

11. Which of these questions was the most difficult to answer?


Now, I’ve been tagged…

Fellow blogger Daphne Propst tagged me for a Liebster Award. Not sure what that is or means, but the premise of it looks fun, so I”m glad to ablige.

Official Rules:

1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.

2. They must also answer the 11 questions the ‘tagger’ has set for them.

3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.

4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.

5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.

6. There are no tag backs.

Got it??  Okay, here goes …..


11 things about me:

1) I love to do things like this… try to come up little quirkisms of my own

2) I once had a cat who needed a sex change to survive, so my Oliver became an Olivia

3) I hate peas. It’s the only vegetable I will never it. In fact, my husband loves pea soup & I won’t even allow it in my house.

4) I am psychic, and sometimes it scares me. I’ve had several dreams that have actually happened.

5) The thing that scares me the absolute most is being alone in the end. I’m such a people person.

6) I love the book Pollyanna. I do. It’s just a feel good book!

7) I have always wanted to take 2 beta fish, put them in a bowl and see if they do, in fact, fight to the death. Is there something wrong with me?!

8) If I could have one more day with any person who has passed, it would surely be my grandmother, Angelique. I miss her every day.

9) I would love to be on Big Brother… now, that’s a game show I could do!

10) I want to travel to as many destinations in the world as I can.

11) It’s really bothering me that I have to write 11 facts/questions instead of 10. I seem to seek balance in everything.



Okay, here are the question I have to answer from Daphne Propst…

What do you think is your best physical trait?

My fingernails. I have perfect fingernails. People always think I have a French manicure, but

                  I never do.

What’s your favorite TV show?  The one you’ll watch over and over and over and over and  over………

I can’t choose one b/c these two are equal: Seinfeld & Friends

What’s the one piece of electronic equipment you can’t live without?

hmm… I’ve answered this differently 3 times now, which leads me to believe I am addicted to my electronic stuff. I’m going with IPAD!

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I suddenly can’t think of one. I’m going to say that I have to shave my legs & armpits.     

What is your favorite piece of art?

The Lady of Shallot, by Waterhouse

Name a skill that most people don’t know you have.

   I can shoot a gun & I have good aim

  1. How far do you travel to work each day?

5 minutes. It’s bliss!

If you could buy one thing in the world (money is not an issue, but you can only get ONE thing),    what would it be?

A house on the beach on Cape Cod

If you could have named yourself, what would your name be?

Paige (without question)

What’s your favorite board game?

hmm… any version of Trivial Pursuit

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Italy. I’ve been to many places in the world, but never Italy. I will get there.


And these are the questions I have for the bloggers  I nominate:

1.               What did you eat for breakfast?

2.               What is one character in a movie you could identify with?

3.               If you had to title the second chapter of your life, what would the title be?

4.               What is your least favorite color?

5.               What is your shoe size?

6.               If you could have any job you desire, what would it be?

7.               What is your middle name?

8.               If you could speak to any person who has passed who would it be?

9.               If you came back in another life, what is one thing you would do that you don’t ever foresee

yourself doing in this one?

10.             Would you rather win a million dollars or give a million dollars to a charity of your choosing?

11.             What is your favorite children’s book?


And here are the nominees…….













Thanks, Daphne! This was fun 🙂