Election 2016, Confessions of Dispirited Voter:


So I cast my vote in this election. To be honest, after 33 years of being an earnest voter, for this election, I wasn’t sure that I would. I believe in our Constitution; I believe we all have a voice; I believe our voices should be heard.

Normally, I’m not afraid to voice my opinions. But the divisiveness I have witnessed from this election, and even politics before this shitshow began, has made me withdraw. I’ve been a bystander for the past several months, reading and watching and listening, appalled by what I read and saw and heard.

Let me preface this by saying, I have always considered myself political, fascinated by the system, the issues and the players. I have been a democrat since I first registered to vote, proudly, when I became eighteen. I have crossed party lines. My two favorite presidents in my lifetime are Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. I have always been a supporter of Hillary Clinton who taught me what a strong woman should be and that it does “take a village” to parent in today’s society; in fact, it “takes a village” to accomplish a lot of things. I considered myself a staunch Hillary supporter when she ran against Obama. Yet, I cried when Obama was elected because I was so proud that our country could come together to elect a man of color, more importantly, to look past color. I thought this is the moment when we begin to prove that we’re putting racism behind us.

Obama’s two terms in office would tell a very different story. As a man, I respect Obama; however, his politics not so much. The two best things he did as president is overseeing the murder of Osama Bin Laden and the legalization of gay marriage. Otherwise, I think he’s been a mediocre, at best, president.

So, this is roughly my past as an American citizen and voter.


Which brings me to this election. I am saddened that the best two nominees our country could put forward is a racist/misogynist and a criminal. I have become so disillusioned by what I see to be the corruption and criminal acts carried on by the government of our United States. The developments of Hillary’s ongoing email scandal, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi… makes me cringe. The way Donald Trump talks about and to women and minorities makes my blood curdle. The fact that people can actually cast a vote for these people is beside me. I could not in good conscience do it. I voted today for a third party candidate because my hope is that third party candidates be recognized in future elections. They need a voice — in the debates, side by side with Republican and Democratic candidates. Our two party system is broken. Government (and media outlets too) is corrupt beyond my comprehension.


I respect the political stance of every American citizen. I can see reasons for voting for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I believe we need a businessman in there who is not swayed by career-long political ties to shake up the system. We need to worry more about our national security than being “politically correct.” We need to strengthen our borders and make our country strong again. We are soft and the world knows it. We need to make healthcare and college affordable for all citizens. We need to put our people to work and stop offshoring to other countries. We need to raise minimum wages, so people can get out of poverty. We need to stop giving tax credits to the 1%. We need to respect every human being: women, blacks, muslims, the LGBT community. We need to invest in our education system, the future of tomorrow. We need to save our planet, so there is a tomorrow.

While I couldn’t wait for the election to be over, today. I’m fearful for our tomorrow. I pray for our country. I pray that we can heal, rebuild and prosper together as “one nation, under God.”


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