what writing is like…


playing with words

walking in someone else’s shoes

trying to figure stuff out

traveling somewhere you’ve never been

making it up as you go along

figuring out the puzzle, even with missing pieces

dreaming with your eyes open

fixing what went wrong

sifting through details

using your right brain and left brain at the same time

taking nuggets of nothing and turning them into something beautiful

observing your life in words

expressing feelings you didn’t know you had

tumbling into the unknown

lassoing the words that jump into your head

taking baby steps through a story

reliving your memories over and again

taking the what ifs and making them what is

documenting a feeling or experience, so it becomes fixed

inventing and reinventing

learning to say what you didn’t think you could

sculpting a world

capturing the story board in your mind in words

erasing what is real in search of something better

purging yourself into tangible proof of your existence

filling your soul with all that ever was and could be so




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