The Art of a Woman

In honor of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’s DAY, March 8th, I’ve reflected on women whose words and deeds have inspired me. They’ve filled me with goals and dreams. They’ve altered my thinking and changed me, somehow.

Women Writers copy

Their words have affected my words. This is my homage to them.

Woman Poem Final copy

Their WORDS…

a Alcott a angelou a Blume a Bronte a Dickinson a dineson a Gregory a Hoffman a Quindlen a Sexton copy a Wells a woolf


Alcott, Louisa May.

Angelou, Maya.

Blume, Judy.

Bronte, Emily.

Dickinson, Emily.

Dinesen, Isak.

Gregory, Philippa.

Hoffman, Alice.

Mitchell, Margaret.

Quindlen, Anna.

Sexton, Anne.

Wells, Rebecca.

Woolf, Virginia.


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