POST- 30 Days of Thankful: Reflection

PTF today I am

On the heals of a school year ending badly, despite it mostly being a great year, and an even worse beginning to summer, I was searching for levity to move forward– in dire need of levity to move forward, a coping mechanism of sorts when I came upon Wayne Dyer’s quote which states that if we write one thing down we are thankful for each day, our lives will improve.

I took his suggestion in an earlier blog– writing down what I’m thankful for each day.

I have learned several things during this month of focusing on thankful. Some days are like hidden treasures of an overabundance of thankful. Conversely, even on a completely crappy day where nothing seems to go right, there is always something to be thankful for. On my mission to pluck out happy/lesson-worthy pearls from my day forced me to look for good in everyday. Sometimes, what is good in my life didn’t come as a surprise at all, but on these days, I cultivated a heightened sense of appreciation of them. On other days, what I found to be grateful for snuck up on me. Like an “Oh, there’s this!” As if I’d not considered it before. What I’m trying to say– and feeling like I’m saying it so poorly, is that when you look for the good in every single day, in seemingly insignificant moments, it does color everything you see. And it arms you with the ability to put difficult situations, challenges, obstacles, negativity in its place and say, “Okay, this is there, but I am here.” In simply being present, the position where you look outside yourself, you suddenly provide yourself with this gift of clarity.

I would say, the beginning of this summer (with one child, altering decisions impulsively, and moving across country for God knows how long, and the other child dealing with so many consequences that his inner demons have caused him — all of which making me to feel utterly helpless as a mom) is one of the toughest I’ve ever experienced, but in allowing myself to see what I can be thankful for makes me realize that all of that other stuff is transient– we’ll get through it. It will pass. And what we’ll be left with is the really important stuff, that each and everyday, I’ve set aside at least a moment to recognize as the positive.

PTF Thankful

In reflecting upon my 30 days of Thankful, this is a list of what I’m grateful for:

FAMILY— the whole lot of them: Anthony, Ryan, Tyler, Alexa, my mom & sisters & brothers and dads, my nieces and nephews, my grandmother (who is with me every day)

PEACE— that the ocean, our boat, our dog, reading books, spa days, my flower garden at home all bring me– calm

SPONTANEITY— welcome the unexpected turns of events like having more time with something or someone– embrace it

CATHARSIS— that is recognized from one life experience to the next. Only when we have the perspective to reflect upon it can we truly appreciate it

TIME & LIFE— Nothing is ever guaranteed. We must live it and love it, NOW.

PASSION— we all need a muse, something that propels us forward. For some, it’s art or sports, for others it’s knowledge or nature– no matter the muse, allow the passion to flourish– to breath life in you every day

COMMUNICATION— that essential component in every relationship. Without it, we are each an island, and no one wants to be alone.

HOPE & FAITH— I write these together, because I believe they are one. The more difficult my experiences, the deeper my faith becomes and the more hope I’m given that everything will work out okay

PERSEVERANCE— which I think relates to the previous two. We must forge ahead and never give up.

ME TIME— carving out time to nurture myself is important. As a mom and a wife, with a career, that is one difficult task, as our nature is always to give. But, I’ve learned that if I don’t take some time to care for myself, I will not be able to care for others in the way that I want to

INDULGENCE— it isn’t bad to pamper yourself, on occasion, so long as you never lose sight of what’s most important

PTF gratitude


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  1. What a thoughtful reflection, Donna! And while I am sorry you had to go through your difficult times, I am glad you found benefit in, nourishment from your seeking the light in each day. I have been doing the gratitude journal for about seven years now. I like taking the time to pause.

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