LEOisms: Astrology and other birthday musings…

live your life forget your age

The funny thing about birthdays is that when you’re little they can’t come quickly enough, and when you’re older you eventually come to deny (or forget) their existence.

I think I’d like to go back to 35. I had a fair amount of wisdom, then, my children were still young, and it was a time when I didn’t feel the least bit jaded or cynical. My mom has always said, before I even heard of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (Fitzgerald, F. Scott. 1922) that we should live our years backward, so we could truly appreciate them. The older I become, the more that statement rings true.

While I yearn for invincible, idealistic me, I truly appreciate the lessons I’ve learned along the way as well as the knowledge I’ve acquired from them.


I was born on a Tuesday around 3:00 a.m. on July 27th, 1965.

What happened that day:


astrology chart generic



I do believe astrology can tell a lot about who we are– not the everyday horoscope (most of those are so general, they can apply to anyone), but I believe in the stars. I believe that at the moment I was born, the cosmic universe influenced who I’d become. Moreover, my astrology chart (in depth analysis of where the stars & planets are aligned when one is born and how it affects one’s personality) is surprisingly accurate.

astrology chart

My Sun sign is Leo

It’s true I need a lot of attention, but unlike the characteristic Leo I shun to be the center of it. I don’t like being put on the spot nor am I comfortable in the limelight. That said, I am a teacher which puts me at the center of attention in my classroom, but I often try to deflect that to my students. Instead, I ascribe to the teacher as coach model.

Extremely spirited, my spiritual side is something I’m always guided by. Moreover, I am completely persistent and dedicatedloyal to people and ideas, sometimes to a fault. Sometimes my persistence and passion can be misconstrued, I think, for being pushy and blunt which I never mean to be. I’m just extremely committed to my convictions, albeit sometimes to the extreme of stubbornness.

My Rising sign is Gemini

I am restless needing to be busy at all times which lends me to be a bit of a juggler, having many projects going at all times– always a goal ahead of me. I love new experiences, something to look forward to. I do not live in the past, instead, I’m usually looking ahead, sometimes appreciating the now, but not nearly enough.

Communication is at the center of all I do and am. I’m a reader and a writer, and a talker, certainly, a chief role in my career, but I love to talk to people all sorts of people– only I’m not to good at small talk. Being a deep thinker, I enjoy deep and meaningful conversation.

My Moon sign is Cancer

True, I am strong emotionally but I wouldn’t say I’m extremely secure emotionally. I constantly dissect, everything, and am full of self-doubt. There is a constant struggle between what’s true in my heart and what I know in my head, for this is the greatest challenge of this life for me. Conversely, I am very confident, though it was long earned, in my mothering abilities which first debuted at an extremely young age. My propensity for nurturing has always been a very strong one and I’ve always been extremely intuitive by nature, more so relying on instinct than reason. I think I love so strongly because of my innate need to be loved equally.

Here is how I see myself:

leo characteristics


You can complete a free astrology chart too by using this link:





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