The Only Way

I held you close, my baby boy,
my shining starlight,
nursed you
nurtured you,
until you could walk
Only your walk became a run
–boundless energy.
I lived through your vivacity:
Batman flying over Gotham
Power Ranger fighting the good fight
and my knight in shining armor,
you promised to protect me
until you couldn’t
Because you were standing on your own
–a separate, far away land
where you hoped to find yourself.
It was my hope too,
so I let go,
allowing you to fly and fight,
praying you’d protect yourself
until you didn’t
Watching you fall,
when I couldn’t catch you,
is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
My nature is to protect you,
but this is your life.
You need to learn how to stand
and fly, using your own wings.
You need to find your own star,
even when it’s so far out of reach,
to learn what’s worth fighting for.
Sometimes walking,
taking baby steps, 
is a better course than running,
certainly better than flying.
Sometimes feeling unprotected
and alone
is the only way, that through the dark,
you can find the stars.



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