POST- 30 Days of Thankful: Reflection

On the heals of a school year ending badly, despite it mostly being a great year, and an even worse beginning to summer, I was searching for levity to move forward-- in dire need of levity to move forward, a coping mechanism of sorts when I came upon Wayne Dyer's quote which states that if... Continue Reading →


LEOisms: Astrology and other birthday musings…

The funny thing about birthdays is that when you're little they can't come quickly enough, and when you're older you eventually come to deny (or forget) their existence. I think I'd like to go back to 35. I had a fair amount of wisdom, then, my children were still young, and it was a time... Continue Reading →

The Only Way

I held you close, my baby boy,my shining starlight,nursed younurtured you,until you could walk Only your walk became a run--boundless energy.I lived through your vivacity:Batman flying over GothamPower Ranger fighting the good fightand my knight in shining armor,you promised to protect meuntil you couldn't Because you were standing on your own--a separate, far away landwhere you hoped... Continue Reading →


Updated: Past the half-way point! And still thankful 🙂

Mirror MUSES


By writing down one thing we are thankful for each day, we can improve our lives… (Dr. Wayne Dyer)


Thankful 4Think-positive

Instead of dwelling on what is challenging me, I’m approaching the next month with unabandoned optimism.

thank ful Helen Keller

(Helen Keller)

30 days: at LEAST 30 reasons to be THANKFUL


Follow along. I’ll add to this post each day. Let’s see how focusing on the positivity in our lives enriches our lives.

Day 30: 7/22
Today I am thankful for my faith. These last two months have been one blow after another and my faith that all of these obstacles are leading to something meaningful has been keeping me going.
Sometimes… All you can do is BELIEVE and I do.

TF believe

Day 29: 7/21
Today, I’m thankful for the time I spent with my sisters. We don’t get this opportunity to have some talk time as much as I’d like. And my sister…

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