Resolution: KINDNESS


I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. They sound good on January 1st, but, by the end of the month, generally, they are compromised in a sea of rationales or simply forgotten, drifting with the tide, further and further out into the ocean.

This year, instead of focusing inward on the multitude of changes I can make (diet, exercise, write more, swear less, spend more time with friends and with mom…) to quell my feelings of ineptitude in one direction or another, I’ve decided to alter my perception of what a resolution is suppose to be by turning my projection of change outward: acts of kindness toward others with the simple notion of one person carrying out one selfless act in the pure interest of benevolence.


In order to create some tangibility to my resolution, I’ve set aside a jar, crafted a label (KINDNESS), cut out brightly colored pieces of symbolically-shaped papers on which to write each act of kindness upon completion. While I’m committing to 26 Acts of Kindness, as an homage to the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy, where my inspiration is routed, I hope to be able to fill the jar over the course of the year with many more.



Recipe for Kindness copy






And so I begin, with three already completed before the New Year’s even begun with the hope that one Act of Kindness will have a ripple effect to another and another and so on and so on…


What Kindness


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