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3 days into NaNoWriMo 2012: 6757 words. While I’m pleased with my progress, I’ve hit my first obstacle today. Writing quantity over quality is a near impossibility for me. I write. I edit. I write some more. This writing sans editing is killing me. For the first two days, the words just flowed. I was able to write through where I wanted to edit. Today, not so much. Quantity over Quality GOES AGAINST MY PROCESS AS A WRITER. Yes, I’m screaming, pulling-my-hair-out-of-my-head, having a hard time with this. Today, I actually, took the time to look back at my notes, fill in some gaps for keeping track purposes because already new characters have found themselves into my story that I hadn’t planned on. I also confess to researching a little bit more. I’ve resigned that I need to find the balance between quantity and quality. I will not compromise the quality of my writing for word count. I can do both! I tell myself.

Can you tell that I feel guilt over this? I’m feeling all of the time I have needs to go toward writing because if I have it in me to and have the time, now, to overwrite my daily averages when Thanksgiving rolls around and I can’t find the time, I’ll be ahead of the game, so there will be no need to worry. NOTE TO NANOWRIMO: June would be a much better month for this project. That said, one of the aspects I do like about the November month is that it IS a challenging month for me– hence, part of the appeal. I CAN DO THIS, I keep telling myself. So far, I feel continued inspiration and well supported by my family and colleagues and friends. I know, it’s only day 3.

I’m wondering your stance on Quantity over Quality… please, comment!!