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It’s day 1 of NaNoWriMo– I am officially no longer a WriMo virgin– ahhhhhh, it feels so good.

Today’s kick-off at school was absolutely energizing. To be surrounded by 20some writers, all working toward the same goal, was the perfect way to begin this journey. Some of the students expressed intimidation at the volume of the requirement, but they were all excited. Furthermore, they proudly referred to themselves as novelists; I was appreciative and excited to be among them.

I was asked for some advice, having completed two novels. My first piece of advice was to be honest and true to your writing because, after all, one should always write, first, for her/himself. Second, my advice was always to finish a day’s work in the middle of something– at a point where you know where you’re going. By not ending at the end of an event or chapter, it allows you to ease back into the writing with direction which helps you to continue the flow– thus, alleviating writer’s block.

2,848: my word count for the day. Not a bad start. I plugged in my ear buds and wrote and wrote and wrote. The temptation to stop to edit was difficult, something I will definitely have to get used to. Out of discomfort, comes growth. I’m a firm believer of that.