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With less than a week to go, I’m finding myself working out the logistics before I actually begin. These include but are not limited to clearing my schedule of all unnecessary obligations, organizing my work schedule to not include the correcting of any take-home papers/essays and the like, preparing my lessons a month instead of a week in advance, hiring my culinary-student son to be November Chef, clearing my dining room table (which will be my primary work space), uploading preparatory IWriMo documents to Dropbox and taking a test run on using my Cloud On App for typing a Microsoft Word Doc. to be sure my writing can be portable. Check, Check, Check….
I’m ready. I think I’m ready– at least it appears that way. The plan is to write during my prep periods at school, when I get home from work and after dinner. That sounds like a do-able, sensible schedule. I’m thinking 3-4ish hours of writing time per day. Can I swing it? Of course I can. I’ll just pretend it’s summer in the fall. I’ll forge ahead the way I did when I was taking grad courses, mommying and working simultaneously. The truth is, I do work best under pressure. I’m a much better time manager that way!
To get the students at school pumped up for their NaNoWriMo journey, we’ve decided to host a kick off event where we take an in-school (a.k.a. library) field trip to spend 2 & 1/2 hours writing, all together, armed with our smart devices, our ideas, black berets (we have to look the part), coffee (and more coffee!!) and brain food, of course! Part of the allure is establishing a community of writers. Even though, they aren’t my students (I’m just tagging along on my colleague’s coat tails for this one), I have actually written novels, so I do feel as if I have valuable advice to pass on and an experienced level of support to lend.
So, bring it on, NaNoWriMo. I’m ready!!