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15 days. I have sufficiently character-sketched Claire (to death, well… not literally!)
But I certainly can say I know her well. Now I’m stuck in limbo– WAITING. I’m never very good at waiting. Panic is setting in…
Can I do this?
Did I take on too much?
What if this idea isn’t sustainable? I can’t just quit & start fresh. I need to keep going.
Is my story getting too complex in my head? Because I want to finish A DRAFT by the end of this.
My mind is swirling thoughts and thoughts and thoughts. I just want it to begin already. I’m afraid if I set it aside for the next two weeks, I’ll lose the momentum– the eagerness to begin.
Breathe, I tell myself. You are really liking what you know of this character already… her quirks make her who she is. You can do this… even though it’s unlike anything you’ve done before… that’s part of the challenge, remember. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it will not be perfect. Allow the imperfections; write through them.
I have written 8 pages of character sketch. I have written 5 pages in her voice. I recorded a day in the life. Copied and pasted random pix of who I imagine these characters to look like. I’ve researched. I wrote a loose plot outline; I don’t want it too tight, the imagination needs room.
Waiting. Waiting. Still waiting.