GEARing Up

So, my colleague/friend who turned me onto NaNoWriMo (and who is also having her class write novels) is so excited I’ve decided to take the plunge; in fact, we’ve convinced one more colleague/friend to write too! And I’m telling all of my students about it, hoping to spread the writing fever. The more the merrier, right? And the best part is that we can be writing buddies because, after all, everyone needs a tribe.

In order to get the students psyched, said-colleague ordered writing journals with prompts and brainstorm activities to help them organize their process before diving in. She’s got a poster to track progress, pins and stickers, too.

The students seem to really be buying into this; they asked if they could order berets to dress the part. Literally, she’s GEARing them up… like psyche boxes for sports teams. So maybe berets are a bit nerdy, but it’s spirit wear! It works.

I’m humbled to be considered part of the tribe, and excited to be writing along side my colleagues and our students. Yesterday, at school I was officially inducted, as I received my own gear.

I’ve decided to blog about my process as I go. So, I hope you’ll follow along!


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