FIRE! miss…

This seems to be the season of misdirected emotion. Lately, I’ve been noticing it all around me. I see my friend turning bitter towards people she doesn’t even know– spouting off to a faceless entity to fill an empty void. I see another friend being the target of anger that has nothing to do with her. I see my daughter channeling frustration and confusion where it doesn’t belong.

FRYING PAN, please! This is one of those AH HA moments for me– where, essentially, I guess I needed someone to hit me over the head with a frying pan to make me take notice.

So what does this kind of repetition do? It causes me to look within and ask– why am I surrounded by this? Or the better question is why do I suddenly have a heightened sense of awareness of it?

The answer, I’ve found time and time again, is that it’s calling attention to a lesson I need to learn about myself. Somewhere in my life I’ve been misdirecting an emotion, or several. I recognize it. I do.

We’ve all heard it said that what we recognize in others which we don’t like or are intolerant of,  instead, is a flaw within ourselves that we’re seeing: like a mirror, only we don’t recognize it until we see it outside of ourselves. Avoidance/misdirection is a defense mechanism. And, all too often, we go on judging instead of looking within and altering the flaw; after all, change is hard, and self-knowledge even harder.  But, when we become brave enough to really look in the mirror, it can be freeing–like a call to Jesus.

I seem to be getting a lot of those, lately.


2 thoughts on “FIRE! miss…

  1. I have always felt that we are attracted to the type of person we aspire to be and avoid those who remind us of ourselves. Sometimes, we see both in the same person and we find a rational way to explain the bad away. I think, as you suggest here, that we should use what repels us, as a mirror, and look within to find and change the aspect of our lives that we don’t like. We are called to love and serve one another, and such misdirected anger makes the reception of our love and service difficult for others to accept. In order to change the world, we must be open to change, also. Great post!

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