Better than SEX!

What does that mean? I say it. Other people say it.

Does it mean the act– the journey– or is it the destination– that euphoric, Zen-like moment when you lay back after it’s all over, amazingly numb and satisfied? Utopian. Perfection.

I’m not sure you can compare anything to the journey of sex– it is unmatched; the most basic of instincts aside from nutrition and survival, both of which encompassed in the act itself. Wouldn’t you say?

 I’ve decided my UTOPIA- my ultimate sequence of better-than-sex would be

 a day on the beach, perfect sunny day, light breeze, warm, white sand beneath my feet, a picturesque view of OCEAN waves lapping on the shore, boats gliding in the distance across the water, and the hot, HOT sun beaming, radiating on my body– taking it all in, getting lost in a good book, listening to my favorite songs. followed by a MASSAGE in the afternoon, out on a terrace, sounds of silence, hot OIL being rubbed, palmed, knuckled, finger-tipped up and down my back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet– relaxing, visceral, sensual, endless… until I feel like Jello, motionless, completely relaxed and content. ready to have enough energy for wild, unadulterated, carnal, passionate, ECSTASY-laden, sheets-end-up on-the-floor  SEX. the act. a journey. only to unwind with an oozy, gooey, chocolate-DRIPPING, Kahlua infused, crisply fried vanilla ice cream, with a cherry and whipped CREAM on top. 2 spoons. and finally SLEEP. seamless, dreamless sleep. AHHHHHHHH….



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