the things that matter

saying I LOVE YOU

listening even when you know you’re right

being kind just for the sake of being kind

listening to the sounds of silence

looking at the stars wondering who is looking at them too

working on your bucket list

noticing flowers in bloom

taking ME time

meeting someone half way

getting lost in a good book

being HONEST

taking that extra step, beyond where you think you could have gone

waking up in the morning, thinking “This will be a good day”

walking away, even if it hurts, but you know it’s the right thing to do

listening to your thoughts

acting on your intuition

staying true to your HEART

believing in something bigger than yourself

taking baby steps

keeping the big picture in mind

remembering those you lost who helped shape you

knowing that each experience is an opportunity for growth

saying I’m Sorry and Thank you

making sure actions speak louder than words

appreciating your friends

helping someone else

loving your FAMILY


“Action is eloquence” ~~ William Shakespeare


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