Bucket List

Bucket List

(not in any particular order)

publish my novels

write full time/ teach part time @ a university

take writing classes

take film classes

write a film script

get an M.F.A.

get a doctorate in Victorian literature


get a tattoo (maybe)

see Aerosmith & Adele

live inEuropefor a summer

buy/live in a beach house (on the water)

have a writing studio (w/ all my favorite things in it) overlooking the water

spend summers on the boat w/ my husband being adventurous

travel to… Italy, Ireland, France, Africa (go on safari), take a cruise, Alaska, San Francisco, an island, Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, the Holy Land, Poland/Germany

go to a vineyard in CA

see the taping of a TV show I love

eat at every restaurant inDisneyworld

visit Ground Zero Memorial

go to a medium

cultivate my friendships

meet online friends

thank my mentors

say thank you more, in general

own a convertible

play w/ a monkey (a friendly one)

swim w/ the dolphins

see each of my children happy in their adult lives

meet all of my future grandchildren

live a long, happy life w/ my husband

move to a warmer climate

have a couple’s massage overlooking the water on an island

swim in an infinity pool overlooking the ocean

skinny dipping in the ocean (would I dare??)

have sex on the beach on the edge of the water

read more classic literature

read ALL of Dickens’ works

have an apt in a city

lose weight

learn to enjoy exercise

drive in a race car

be healthy

be happy

Already DONE

get married– to my high school sweetheart

have kids (at least 1 boy & 1 girl)– I am blessed w/ 2 sons and a daughter

buy a house– in lily white suburbia

publish my writing– published a few of my poems

teach at a high school–CheshireHigh School

teach at a college– Southern CT State University

travel:England,France,Spain,Canada,Mexico,New York,L.A.,San Diego,Hawaii,WashingtonD.C.,Disneyland&Disneyworld,Virginia, New Orleans

hike up to the castle of Sleeping Giant Mountain

visit castles (Buckingham Palace, Leeds, Warwick, Windsor)

hold a crocodile (it was a baby, but still!)

go to theBronxZoo & the San Diego Zoo

go snorkeling in a reef

go on a sunset booze cruise

have a couple’s massage

act in a play

drink Chi Chi inHawaii, Margarita inMexico, beer at pubs inLondon, try a Shandy inLondon

eat sushi

go toDisneyworld(11 times)

go on every ride inDisneyworldat least once

go to Six Flags (too many times to count)

go to Sea World

go to film studios (Universal [Fla& CA], Warner Bros, NBC)

visit theHolocaustMuseum

sit on the set of Friends

go on a rollercoaster that goes upside down (best one was atBuschGardensin VA)

go on the biggest ferris wheel in the world: The London Eye

see Charles Dicken’s, Shakespeare’s, Emily Bronte’s homes

see a Broadway Play (seen several, among my faves: Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Aida, Annie, Evita, Gypsy, Lion King, Beauty & the Beast)

attend concerts: My faves– Elton John, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Genesis, Train (6 times), Third Eye Blind, Maroon 5, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Coldplay

see the Rockettes Christmas Show

see the Christmas tree atRockafellerCenter

go to the Moors

go to Westminster Abbey, Cathedral of Notre Dame, St. Patrick’s Cathedral

climb the Washington Monument

visit The White House

go to the mansions in Newport, RI, visit Hammersmith

see the Kennedy compound on Cape Cod

visit the Empire State Building

see Stonehenge

see Pearl Harbor

own a boat

have sex on the beach

have sex under the stars

skinny dip

own a hot tub

own a pool

learn how to plant beautiful gardens

learn cooking from my grandmother

vacation at the beach every summer:Cape Cod

NaNoWriMo winner 2012


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