Simple Abundance

I stumbled upon this book, given years ago to me, when the shelf it had been placed upon fell. Coincidence? I doubt it. In fact, I doubt there are coincidences– not a single one. Everything happens for a reason… I live by this maxim; I make sense of my life by it.

So this book ends up in my hands, and I think about it– in a general sense, at first. It had been given to me when I was going through a difficult period in my life. The premise is that not unlike a blog… it’s a collection of thoughts, anecdotes, quotes…all meant to inspire. At first, a feeling of warm sisterhood came upon me, as it was given to me by one of the five BEST girlfriends I’ve had in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a host of friends (both women and men) who have all been very good friends, but, still, they haven’t measured the sisterhood I’ve felt with these women & all at different times in my life. The topics in Simple Abundance are those that girls talk about, over coffee or tea, all curled up comfortably on a sofa where the outside world doesn’t exist because they are totally and completely in tune with one another– without pretense or reservation. The book is a collection of days and various themes addressed for each day. The ribbon attached to it lays in between September 21st pages, entitled “The Spiral Path”; its the passage about the cyclical nature of life which, in it’s explication, addresses the name of the book.

Sarah Ban Breathnach, its author, says that “When you think you’ve arrived, you realize you’ve come all this way just to prepare to begin yourself again.” And isn’t that what life truly is… a book w/ chapters and within each a beginning, a middle and an end. I only just learned this as began writing a memoir or rather a collection of all the short stories of my life. Only “to begin again”… that’s what attracts me to this book… the hope as we move forward, especially at this time (the middle) of my life. Just as so many of my Life TO-Dos are being checked off– I look at my list, and it’s so easy to think Shit, I’m getting closer to the end  (of my list, of my life, of all the possibilities). Sometimes, lately, I’ve gotten so caught up in seeing the doors closing behind me that I haven’t been paying attention to those opening, still, in front of me.

So Breathnach quotes a poet, Wendell Berry, “The Life we want is not merely the one we have chosen and made [note past tense!] It is the one we must be choosing and making.” YES, Sarah, that’s it. It’s in the doing, right now, that matters.

Simple [ easy to understand, deal w/, not elaborate or artificial, not ornate or luxurious, unaffected, unassuming, not complicated ].

Abundance [ plentiful, overflowing in quality or supply, fullness, wealth, generous ].

I doubt that several years ago when I placed the ribbon in between these pages that I knew so many years into the future, I’d open to these pages where I’ve re-found a message that speaks to where I am, right now, in my life.

That’s it… I’ve found the purpose to this book falling quite literally into my hands, today. It’s to remind me to live the rest of my life in simple abundance– a new maxim. And a declaration that September 21st will be a ME day (to celebrate myself and the simple abundances my life and my choices have afforded me)  as I move forward keeping my eye on all the opening doors.


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