OMG Moments

Have you ever had an OMG, it’s a small world moment? Or several. Don’t you wonder why these events occur?
Last night, while perusing Facebook, along the side, on my “suggested friends” list was Mary Jane, the sister I’d met at my friend’s destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico a year or so ago. It said she had 3 friends in common w/ me. Eileen (said friend & Mary Jane’s sister), of course, — the bride and her husband, Rob & my husband’s cousin, Elisa. Elisa? I was taken aback. How does Mary Jane know Elisa? So I did some investigating & it turns out she was Elisa’s college roommate. The surprising thing is that Eileen & Mary Jane are from Pennsylvania– not really close to Connecticut. Furthermore, they attended college in D.C. So I IM’d Eileen & her response is “Shut Up”… “I’ve known Elisa for a very long time.” In all actuality, Mary Jane was probably in attendance at Elisa’s wedding, if not IN it, and I probably met Mary Jane long before I’d met Eileen (my now friend, colleague & neighbor).
A few months ago, I was updating my status on FB during hurricane Irene– recollecting the last hurricane, Gloria, in the 80’s when I was attending college & doing my homework by candlelight for a week w/o power. When a current friend of mine, Joey (the photographer whom I met through work/school– he photographs the kids for their senior pictures and all of the events at the school), writes… “WAIT, Are you the Donna Carbone who lived at Fitch Warner at S.C.S.U.? Your roommate was Patty?” I looked shockingly at the screen, feeling a little… stalked. To this I reply, “Yes, and how would you know this?” He said he’d lived in the apartment upstairs from me & he named his roommates; it was then, that the dots began connecting. The funny thing is when I met Joey (about 10 years ago)– there seemed to be an instant connection in the sense that I’d felt like I’d known him for a long time from the start. Joey also admitted feeling a sense of familiarity when we RE-met, but didn’t say anything because his wife always gets on him about saying that he thinks he knows everyone. So this conversation started me to thinking– I probably have photographs of young Joey– the upstairs neighbor, at parties either at my apartment or his.
These are only two such moments in my life that have occurred just this year, and there have been many more before it. They make me wonder about the cosmic connections we encounter every day. I don’t believe any meeting is a chance meeting. In fact, I think even complete strangers who pass us, and that we acknowledge in some way, are at that same place as we are for a reason. And the re-meeting of a person is as if someone out there is saying — “We put this person in your life for a purpose. Explore it.” Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t. It”s like that movie Sliding Doors w/ Gweneth Paltrow… when if she takes one door on the subway, her life events turn out one way, BUT if she takes the other door, they turn out a different way– just by that one slight, seemingly insignificant choice. Now, I’m not saying Mary Jane or Joey are meant to be significant people in my life, but it makes me wonder… if they are & I just chose another door.


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