Am I qualified to write this blog?

According to the 23 questions for perspective bloggers, I am certifiably qualified to write this page!

Do I enjoy writing? Duh, it’s my life line. I’ve been writing since I was 8 years old. My first story was called “Blinky” and it was composed while people watching at a New Haven train station w/ my grandmother awaiting my parents arrival from vacation.
What’s my message? Hmm… don’t know, yet. I write to discover. Even when I start a book, I have a sketchy outline– who my characters are, definitely, and where the story will go, but the rest I allow to blossom as my characters grow. They tell me how the story goes.
Do I enjoy reading? Of course, I do. Any good English teacher shouldn’t answer that any other way. But I don’t read because I SHOULD, I read because I want to. I love getting lost in a good book. I love appreciating different writing styles. I love diving into the lives of the characters. I even enjoy reading theory– expanding my horizons and sometimes just solidifying my own thinking!
Am I creative? I like to think of myself as creative… in fact, creativity fuels my passion for life. I write, I decorate, I make crafty things like doll clothes, wreathes flower arrangements and bird houses. I paint creatively in my home– rag painting, stenciling & such. I have been scrap booking long before Creative Memories was an inception. And I think… dammit, I could have made a fortune if I turned that into a business venture. Oh well!!
Am I honest and transparent? Yes, sometimes painfully for you and me. You’ll see!
Am I a social person? Well, YES!!! I’ll leave it at that. I’m a people person.
The areas where I may have difficulty?
Self discipline is NOT my strong suit, I usually have no trouble beginning…it’s sustaining that I have difficulty with… being consistent. I like to be spontaneous; I’m motivated by inspiration and desire. Procrastination is my friend, but I always get the job done. I am conscientious, after all.
The other drawback? Being thick skinned. I’m not so much, but perhaps this will help me become thicker skinned– to handle the rejections of my novel I’ve been getting as of late. Not fun to be rejected. However, I do believe God doesn’t give us what we cannot handle and there is a purpose for everything. So, if I need to toughen up, so be it. Bring it on. Because I’m not a quitter, either!! If I want something bad enough, I go after it.

And ultimately, you, my audience will be my judge. Have at it 😛


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