On the Pulse of Remote Teaching: Week 12 (the last)

Teacher friends: I wish you all a happy and restorative summer; God knows, we all need it. I wish you and your families health and well being. And, I need to take my own advice now, try not to worry about what next year brings. After all, “We got this” took on a whole new meaning this year, and it’s a story we’ll tell for a very long time. #bettertogether

On the Pulse of Remote Teaching: Week 7

If last week was one in which I felt the need to distract myself, this was one that I went within, really thought deeply about stuff. With all of the information coming out from the CDC, the commissioner of education, the CEA president--reviewing guidelines for what needs to be in place before school can open up--I am worried about what school will look like.

On the Pulse of Remote Teaching: Week 6

I approached this week from a mental health perspective. I asked myself, how can I get done what I need to while making my emotional wellbeing a priority? Inherent in being a teacher or a parent or a caregiver of any kind is putting the needs of others first, so this isn’t easy for us. But, now more than ever, perhaps, it’s necessary.

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